Corporate Social Responsibility

Renova has a comprehensive approach to Corporate Social Responsibility which can be broken down into three key areas:

  • Environmental Excellence
  • Social and economic sustainability
  • Good governance

Environmental Excellence

Renova follows environmental best practice in all of its developments and also through the work of its offices and staff.

The biggest environmental impact is the energy resources used in the construction and running of our buildings. We work with our supply chain partners, particularly the construction teams, the designers and the engineers, to develop new buildings that have the lowest adverse environmental impact possible given the requirements of our NHS partners.  We work with end users at the design stage to include environmental solutions to reduce energy usage such as photo-voltaic panels, biomass boilers and rainwater harvesting, wherever possible shifting energy usage to renewable sources.

Back at base we have office solutions to reduce waste and conserve energy and our staff transport policy promotes the use of public transport and measure and reduce our corporate carbon footprint.

Social and Economic Sustainability

Renova has a strong corporate culture promoting staff engagement, health and safety, training and personal development and we seek similar practices from our supply chain partners.

Our projects have promoted local employment, particularly important given that many of our new buildings are in areas of significant deprivation. These practices also include proactive recruitment of women, people from minority ethnic communities and people with disabilities.

The great majority of our projects are in areas of social deprivation and all of our work is based around developing new health and social care facilities for people in need.  We seek out wider regeneration projects and always explore working with other agencies to deliver joined up services to local people.  Our buildings include co-located social care services, libraries, schools, leisure facilities and affordable housing.

Renova supports local charities and community groups and examples include supporting Willowbrook Hospice in Knowsley during 2012 and St Rocco’s Hospice in Warrington during 2013.

St Rocco’s Hospice has been supporting the families of Warrington for nearly 30 years. The hospice offers specialist care to patients with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, whilst supporting their families and carers too. It costs £2.9 million each year to run the Hospice – that’s £5 a minute 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our target for 2013/14 was to raise £10,000 and we are proud to say that through some great events and with the fantastic support of our supply chain, our NHS partners and MPP we have managed to meet this target and are currently planning our fundraising activities for 2014.

Good Governance

Renova aspire to the highest standards of good governance and best practice.  Our partnership model has been designed around the principles of transparency with our key clients, stakeholders and shareholders who play an active role in our board meetings. All board meetings include a formal declaration of interests which are recorded in board minutes.