Customer Focus

“The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed”
(Henry Ford).

Improvements in Customer Satisfaction

This is how Renova views the importance of customer satisfaction and we endeavour to provide excellent customer service.  It’s tempting for companies like Renova, Fulcrum’s LIFT Company serving Halton, St Helen’s, Warrington and Knowsley, to become complacent when considering customer satisfaction feedback. Since 2008 Renova have collated staff and patient feedback in terms of the operations, design and facilities available at the LIFT buildings. Feedback is obtained from end users including the staff who work in the buildings and the patients who attend for appointments. The results feed into survey software: “Buildsoft” and this allows detailed analysis of the results.

Renova have been generally pleased to achieve a 79% overall patient satisfaction score.  However, it has been difficult to raise the score above this and it was noted that there has been a reduction in the number of respondents to the customer satisfaction surveys.

In October 2011 Renova therefore launched a new programme with the aim of getting a higher level of feedback and also a higher level of satisfaction from our customers – both the patients who use our buildings and also the staff who work there.

The result has been a publicity programme Renova have called the “You Said….We Did” campaign which emphasises how Renova have listened to the comments of staff and patients and how their comments are acted on to improve things and to prevent any problems happening again.  Renova are confident that this constructive feedback will reassure the end users that their views are greatly valued, the issues they raise are addressed promptly and that services are improving.

The overall goal was to review the feedback in detail and to engage staff and patients more with the feedback obtained in order to increase the response rate of the satisfaction surveys.

How did we do it?

The end user feedback was categorised into 4 key areas in line with those used in previous design guides produced by Renova and its supply chain. These were:

  • Security and External
  • Staff Facilities
  • Public Spaces and Receptions
  • Heating/Cooling and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

A half day workshop was held with Renova’s NHS partners, the LIFT Project Team and supply chain partners including the Design Team, the Construction Contractor and the Facilities Management companies; who make an enormous difference to how well the buildings work and how satisfied our customers are. The team was split into 4 groups to review the feedback relevant to the 4 key areas and identify the following:

  • The issues/suggestions which could be resolved and to determine the actions required to do so in order to improve the current LIFT estate
  • The issues/suggestions which could not be resolved but could be incorporated into the design of future LIFT schemes to ensure lessons are learned going forward

Each group presented their findings which enabled the wider team to vote on the 8 priority areas to take forward and resolve. These were:

  1. Issues with Car Parking
  2. Lack of space in office areas
  3. Issues with external lighting and CCTV coverage
  4. High temperatures in glazed areas
  5. Issues with external signage and entrance signage
  6. Confusing internal signage
  7. Lack of privacy at reception desks
  8. Low temperatures in ground floor waiting areas

From this, a “You Said … We Are Going To” poster was produced to inform staff and patients of the key priority areas. This poster was issued to the site contacts and displayed in patient and staff areas across the LIFT estate to advise end users on how the key priority areas were going to be addressed.

The next step involved reconvening the key people from the workshop and setting an action plan with timescales to work on the focus areas in order to remedy the issues by December 2012. A number of improvement works were identified as part of the action plan and in order to progress with these, Renova produced a proposal which asked the NHS partners to fund a proportion of the works costs with Renova funding the majority. This was approved and the improvement works were carried out by Renova’s supply chain partners with a driver to put the “We did” part at the end of the “You Said”.

What improvements were made?

  1. Improvements to external lighting coverage and CCTV coverage
  2. Improvements to external signage and way finding
  3. Improvements to patient confidentiality at reception desks
  4. Improvements in temperatures in ground floor lobby areas and better operation of automatic doors

Improvements in Customer Satisfaction

Prior to the You Said We Did campaign, Renova’s overall patient satisfaction score was 79%. After completing the improvement works as part of the You Said We Did campaign, Renova’s overall patient satisfaction score improved by 7% and increased to 85%

Also, the survey response rate increased by 89% as 271 surveys were completed in comparison to 29 which were completed prior to the You Said We Did Campaign.

Benefits to our clients

Renova endeavour to be an active landlord by striving to continuously improve customer satisfaction. As a result, there are many benefits to our clients; Clinical Commissioning Groups, Providers and NHS Property Services/Community Health Partnerships, such as:

Clinical Commissioning Groups:

  • Reduced health & safety risk for patients as a result of the resolution of the security and lighting issues
  • Provides a more comfortable environment for inpatients enabling an improved patient experience and  greater utilisation of the inpatient facility


  • Reduced health & safety risk for staff from the resolution of heating & cooling issues
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of the ability to control the environment
  • Less disruption to the service due to contractors attending site during operation to resolve issues

NHS Property Services/Community Health Partnerships:

  • Less resource allocated to resolving operational issues

Initial responses from staff and patients have been very favourable and we hope that we will receive many more comments such as those below:

Renova will endeavour to carry out the “You Said We Did” campaign each year in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction.