Renova in the Press

“The new development is a major resource for the town and means that lots more people have given up smoking, started to take exercise, started to eat more healthily - all of which makes for a Healthier Warrington.”
Dr. Sarah Baker, Accountable Officer of the Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG),
“Fit bodies via the leisure facilities, fit minds via the library, and easy access to the NHS Services, make Orford Park unique. Happy Birthday!”
Steven Broomhead, Chief Executive at Warrington Borough Council

Together changing the face of primary care development

Recently there has been an article in the local newspaper about the 1st Birthday Celebration for Orford Jubilee Park Health Centre, which Renova hosted. Community Health Partnerships who attended the event also produced an article. The links for these are below:

Warrington Guardian – Happy and Healthy First Anniversary.

Community Health Partnerships – Orford Jubilee Park Health Centre Celebrates its 1st Birthday –